Zach & Cazz feat. Salif the first black viking – Flip the f**k out

Flip The F**k Out

  • Artist: Zach & Cazz feat. Salif The First Black Viking
  • Release date: 2016-03-04
  • Label: VAYS
  • Catalog: VAYS009

Zach & Cazz team up with notorious rapper Salif The First Black Viking to deliver this mind blowing big room hit! With the big in mind and bass filled drive, Zach & Cazz takes a step towards the nostalgic feel with homage to the 80’s action Hollywood. Who doesn’t love a punch in the face with the exhortation to leave the daily problems and just flip the f**k out?

Zach & Cazz - Flip The F**k Out (with Salif The First Black Vi...

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Publicerat av Michael Casado den 2 maj 2016